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Specialty Tables

  • SawStop Crosscut Table

    SawStop Crosscut Table

    Engineered and finished to fit your SawStop Contractor, Professional Cabinet or Industrial Cabinet Saw, the Sliding Crosscut Table is the finest quality crosscut table available. It delivers repeatable, accurate results with ease and beauty.

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  • SawStop Folding Outfeed Table

    SawStop Folding Outfeed Table

    Engineered from steel for maximum carrying capacity, the outfeed table is sized to match the width of your cast iron table and wings. The table is designed for easy adjustability and maximum glide, with strategically-placed rollers for smooth operation...

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  • SawStop Large Sliding Table SawStop Large Sliding Table

    SawStop Large Sliding Table

    Engineered for the demands of the Industrial woodshop, the Large Format Sliding Table ensures easy, repeatable operation. Cut sheet goods and larger stock easily, with maximum control and sure measurement. A rigid steel frame and 14 sealed, steel...

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