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  • ICA D3000 Carbon Filter

    ICA D3000 Carbon Filter

    The ICA D3000 Carbon Filter removes fumes and odors. The Filter contains 45 lbs of Activated Carbon Pellets. There are a total of 3 ICA Carbon Filters on each ICA D3000 unit.   Unlike the Dust Pads and Intake Filters, the Carbon Filters cannot...
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  • ICA D3000 Dust Pad - 3 Pack

    ICA D3000 Dust Pad - 3 Pack

    The ICA D3000 Dust Pad captures visible dust and spray powder. The ICA Dust Pad is used in front of intake filter. The ICA Dust Pad is cleanable and hence can be reused, though should be replaced periodically. The ICA D3000 Dust Pad is the 1st stage in...
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  • ICA Dust Filter

    ICA D3000 Intake Filter

    The ICA D3000 intake Filter is a surface loading media to capture pollutants to 1 micron. Pleated high surface area (60 sq ft), metal frame, (11703 dust pad in front).  It is cleanable and reusable after cleaning. The ICS D3000 Carbon...
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  • ICA D3000 Micro MP85 Filter

    ICA D3000 Micro MP85 Filter

    The ICA D3000 Micro MP85 Filter captures pollutants to 0.3 micron. The Micro MP85 Filter Filter has a high surface area (193 sq ft). The ICA Micro MP85 Filter is the 4th stage of the 4 stage filter system of the D3000 Duster...
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  • ICA Duster 3000

    ICA Duster 3000

    The ICA Duster 3000 is a mobile air filter and cleans an area up to 5000 sq ft. It’s lightweight and mobile design make it easy to use in any area.   Clean shop air up to 5,000 sq. ft. Floor level pick-up, circulates all the...
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  • ICA Duster 3000 DownDraft

    ICA Duster 3000 DownDraft

    The ICA Duster 3000 DownDraft is the complete solution for your workshop's air pollution.   The Duster 3000 Downdraft is a mobile prep station designed and engineered to remove harmful airborne contaminants found in dust when sanding old...
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