Automatic Glue Applicators

Continuous and metered glue applicators. Get full control on your glue application process.

  • Pizzi easyCOLL

    Pizzi easyCOLL

    Pizzi easyCOLL Multifunction automatic system with electronic control for the application of glues and adhesives    easyCOLL redesigns the standards in terms of productivity in the application of glues and adhesives.   Electronically...
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  • EasyPUR


    EasyPUR - This is a new system to apply PU adhesives, 1C, moisture curing, which allows the woodworker to skip the need of using the internal glue bag (necessary for the PURBOY system), pumping the adhesive with a membrane pump directly out of the vessel...
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  • Image of Pizzi 0165 Pneumatic Metered Glue Delivery system

    Pizzi 0165 Pneumatic Metered Glue Delivery

    0165 - pneumatic equipment for metered delivery of glue, with A12 tank in stainless steel. This is a unique solution to apply always the same amount of glue. Ideal for dowels, holes, slots (chairs), tenons and mortises for windows and doors. For...
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